Monday, August 19, 2013

End Of Summer Cam Check

Summer is finally over and the bucks are not as reclusive as they were before. In another two weeks or so they will become hard-horned. I got a few new bucks on the last cam check along with the usual does and fawns.


  1. Really great pictures! Kind of gives the impression that Nantucket is CRAWLING with deer! What did you ever figure out about that buck with the messed up antlers? My biologist/hunter employer has never seen anything like that before. I am very curious...

  2. I asked about the weird buck on another forum and here's the answer I received:

    I ran it by QDMA biologist Kip Adams, who said:

    “Hey Mike, those are the biggest drop tines I’ve ever seen on a spike! I know his right antler split but I couldn’t resist referencing a spike with drop tines!

    It looks like he injured both his main beams early in the growing season. I’ve seen numerous bucks with a similar injury to one side of his rack, but never to both sides that occurred so low on the antlers. Many times the pooling of blood in the downturned antlers causes them to break and fall off but this guy was lucky to keep them. He’ll have the most unique set of antlers around his area this year, and since the injuries appear to be above the pedicles, he should have a normal set of antlers next year if he survives the hunting season.”

  3. How are you at finding sheds? They would be something to find...

  4. I'm pretty good at finding sheds even though the competition is fierce out there!!

  5. Oh!.. Wow stunning with Moultrie D55ir is nice shot and best picture quality, "Beautiful" Martie