Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Boys Of Summer

I've been getting some really nice bucks on my trail cams lately. They are still in velvet. They will not come out of velvet and become hard-horned until the first week or two of September.


  1. they sure are pretty! love those fawns in your header. :)

  2. I have more fawn pictures. Stay tuned.

  3. I love the fauns too. The sixth one has a real fine art look to it. I look forward to more, Martie.


  4. What kind of Bait do u use to get these pics and where do u put these cams out.also I have a pick of that 10, got it 2 days ago

  5. Just went and looked at my pick of it and noted that it is a nine I looked at it to fast and thought it was a ten

  6. I do not use any bait. The cams are placed on deer trails or where I have seen deer before.

  7. O what part off the island do u put out your cams.

  8. ethan, I cannot reveal the locations of my cams. If I did, they would all get stolen.

  9. O yeah I just ment what part of the island not like exactally where. But good luck with your cams. I have six out right now in east and north end of ack,
    And can't wait till deer season. Do u hunt?

  10. I don't hunt. My cameras are spread out. Once again, I cannot be specific about where I put my cams because they will get stolen if I do.

  11. Beautiful photo!
    I have 4 fawns this year
    a neighbor down the roads dog decided he wanted one
    but the mom decided he didn't , I thought she would
    kill him, but she let him go
    I enjoy the deer when they come around to feed,
    though they stay here all the time I think
    anyway, I am glad you share your photos
    Take care

  12. Great pix! I haven't visited your blog to see your photos, in a bit, and I found these delightful! We've had a couple of Big Dudes swim across our lake, this early Fall...out to the islands, for a bit of a feast, I'm sure. The acorns are starting to fall, up this way...where DID Summer go?